If you’re wondering what project management professional means, ADD Training is telling you there is no other domain more valuable and more sustainable for the rest of your life than the domain of project management professional. If there’s one set of soft skills that has remained high on the IT radar for the past decade […]

What is the Project Management Professional (PMP) and why should you take it?

The credential PMP is created and managed by the Project Management Institute, in short PMI. The first credentials were awarded originally in 1984 and now in 2015, “PMI Today” states there are 658,523 certified PMs in more than 200 countries. PMP is also the most important recognized certification in the project management industry. In this […]

The Benefits of Using SAP Software

Among the enterprise resource planning (ERP) being widely used in different businesses, the German multinational company called SAP has been making its name on being the most patronized ERP software provider across the globe. SAP software is a well-known for providing quality business information management solutions to its clients. Though some analysts say that SAP […]

What you need to Learn about SAP Certification

SAP is an international company that specializes in business software and supplies across the world. It is built by five IBM employees from Germany. This company is known for its global contribution in the world of software and has made names for its applications and management in the IT industry. Since the company is very […]

The Emerging Trend of Online Courses

Nowadays, it is not only business organizations and companies who utilize the use of technology in providing products and services to the public. Other institutions like hospitals, government, as well as schools also started using technology to improve their services. Institutions like hospitals and government usually use technology to improve their system’s databases for faster […]