Professional document scanning services in Vancouver

CloudIs your desk loaded with files? Not just your office desk, but also all the office shelves.  And you cannot sort them out? No matter how many tricks you try to use, none of them is functional. And you are not sure what should you do with all these piles of paper. The solution is simple: document scanning.

Need to make your documents digital, or maybe your maps and blueprints? Maybe you want to preserve your most important documents and photos? Nothing to worry about. Just call us, we are a trusted document scanning service, one of the best, we are Maystar Technology Ltd.

We will make sure that all your projects are completed, that they are of good quality and returned in a short notice.

Maystar Technology Ltd. was founded with a clear vision to enable the modern approach in working with documents, thus connecting the people, equipment and software into one inseparable whole. We have a clear vision of development of sophisticated IT solutions for document management.

The services we offer to our customers are on the highest level of professionalism. You will be provided with the full service, we will come to your office, pick up the documents, sort them and prepare for scanning; then we will scan and name your documents, store them on portable storage , and then we will either return the documents to you or shred them, depending on your demands.

The digitization of your documents will be classified into several groups, depending on the size of your documents, their quality, whether it is a book, a magazine or any other type of documents. We will also divide and group your documents according to the type of scanner suitable for the processing.

The most important thing in processing the document scan is the quality of the scanner itself. The Fast Document Scanner will have its real use if it works without stopping, and Maystar Technology Ltd. is the most suitable service, because we will apply all the available technology to automate the separation of all the documents, and indexing the Meta data, which is important for the research of your database.

The use of optical character recognition technology and the database search by the content of the files is an integral part of the services Maystar Technology Ltd. offers to you, dear customers!

So, stop going through all your papers, maybe the file you are trying to find is lost forever. Don’t let it happen to you ever again! The best document scan service is here for you!