What you need to Learn about SAP Certification

SAP CertificationSAP is an international company that specializes in business software and supplies across the world. It is built by five IBM employees from Germany. This company is known for its global contribution in the world of software and has made names for its applications and management in the IT industry. Since the company is very well-known, many workers are employed in this company across the globe. Currently, they have 250,000 plus customers and over 60,000 employees in different modules such as in the field of finance, human resources, management, and data services. To ensure quality products from this outstanding company, employees and even customers can get SAP Certification which will help them increase knowledge and acquire skills that may lead to increased productivity and technological literacy.

There are over 160 SAP Certifications available for each SAP product. You have to choose from the different fields of expertise available which are application, technology, and development. In each field, you can select which level of certification among Associate, Professional, and Specialist Certifications. The associate certification is intended for newcomers or beginners in SAP, meaning those who learn from training courses.

The professional certification is intended for those who are acquire knowledge about SAP and its modules, and it is also intended for those who have an experience with SAP. Lastly, the Specialist certification is the newest kind of certification program. These certifications do not require any previous training, and neither does it require recertification. SAP observes and ensures that the skills of each of those who have taken the certification will be up to date and relevant with its programs and specializations.

The exams for these certification programs are available through purchase on SAP’s website. For the associate certification, it costs about $500 and the professional exam costs $750. The professional exam requires first-hand experiences so the exam may contain solution questions that are related to scenarios regarding practices and know-hows. Both exams are multiple choice items and require 3 hours to finish the exam. Details about the testing centers and requirements during the exam are found on their websites.

To prepare for the exams, you must review the content references available at their websites as these references will let you know the areas that will be covered, plus the number of items and the cut-off passing rate. There are also sample questions provided to help you further in the course of your review and to let you know how the exam may look like.  Once you pass the said certifications, you can expect to get the certificates within a month. You may also communicate with the local SAP offices through their contact numbers.

Certifications like SAP’s are valued by customers and companies because it gives accreditation that you have passed a specific exam therefore acquiring advanced capabilities in the field of technology. With a SAP certification, it defines your capability that you fully understand the software and modules in the IT system. By being SAP-certified, you can ascertain that you have a proven set of skills that can get you far in the IT world.

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