The History of Document Management Software

maystar logoWhether you are a single person trying to keep track of personal files, or work for a huge business that sees thousands of files coming in and out everyday, there is probably some need for Document Management Software in your life. This software is very popular because it helps people keep track of their documents, creates a central location where all of them are kept, and makes them very accessible.


The first Document Management Software appeared in the 1980’s, and they worked only by way of hard copies of documents. The software was used to help keep track of and organize print pieces, published documents, photographs, and more.


As time went on, this software became outdated. Over time people have been using paper less and relying on their computers more, so the industry shifted a bit to focus on something that would be even more helpful to customers. These new systems were called Electronic Document Management, or EDM, systems and were able to organize electronic files. Since this was the earliest stage of this type of system, there were of course limitations. The system could only recognize specific, popular file types which mean that not all documents people might have had were able to be managed by this software.


Later, as technology became more advanced, the systems evolved yet another time into the Document Management Software that we have today. Modern systems allow you to actually scan your documents in and then automatically start sorting them using the software. Virtually any file types can be used, and Document Scanners even allow you to choose the type of output that they create from your original document, which makes things much easier. You are also able to store your documents in different places now. Things like the Cloud and even USB drives didn’t always exist, and now that they do you are able to store all files there so that you can get have access to them, or allow others that you work with to have access to them whenever necessary.


We have certainly come a long way since the beginning of Document Management Software, and just like other forms of technology, this continues to improve. Who know what new advantages and shortcuts are on the way to help people take care of all of their important documents as well as pieces of confidential information?